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Linguify is the flagship product of LinguaSol with 80+ banks, PSUs, private enterprises using it effectively for 10+ years. Linguify is an external middleware product that can localize the UI (user interface) of any web - enterprise - desktop mobile - software application or website to any language without the need to modify the source code. This external approach makes Linguify a safe, secure and speedy way to localize complex enterprise applications and websites. The translation itself is manually done and not machine translation, thereby enterprise can assure the quality to their customers. The earlier complex multi-step time-consuming approach of software localization is obsolete and Linguify approaches the problem with a simple 3 step approach and promises to make the process pain-free and timely.


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Localization Solutions for Every Platform

Linguify Desktop and Plugin Solution for enterprise software

The Linguify Desktop & plugin solution translates application screens and reports and can be installed on PC/Desktop. It has been endorsed globally and used by banks, PSUs and global enterprises.

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Linguify Report Solution for on-line printing and PDF

The Linguify Report solution translates on-screen reports, direct-to-print reports and other formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV etc. The solution also converts single language reports into bilingual reports, generates multilingual reports from raw data and can also carry out batch translation of reports.

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Linguify Mobile Library Solution for mobile applications

The Linguify Mobile solution translates your Android application text and data. The switching between the languages can be real time based on menu selection. The library solution is integrated into the mobile application at build time. The library translates mobile UI, Application data and also performs dictionary updates. Translation of hybrid applications can leverage Linguify Server or LinguaMT for translation of web or dynamic contents.

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